The Day 'Dot' From Glee came to the T.Dot

 The mom of a very brave little girl tells this story to me.
My daughter, Sophie sadly suffered a brain injury about 16 months ago.
Her gym teacher at school and my three girls love the show, Glee.  Yes, I’m one of ‘those’ parents who let their kids watch Glee even though the content might not always be age appropriate. Why? Because I think I there are always really good lessons on the show and I want my kids to be open-minded.
So my kids and their teacher would always talk about what happened on Glee that week.
When my daughter got sick, her teacher kept visiting her in the hospital and eventually, at home.
One day, our teacher wrote a letter about Sophie and the letter got to somebody at Fox.
She asked if perhaps, someone from the Glee cast could do a video message to the school. You see the school was having a talent show and our gym teacher thought it would kind of be neat if someone could do a video message for Sophie.
Now there is a character on Glee who plays Coach Beiste –Shannon Beiste.
She’s the football coach on the show.
Her real name is Dot Marie Jones. Dot heard of the letter and said, “I’m not doing a video message. I’m going to Toronto.”
So Dot took three days out of her busy schedule, got on a plane, came to Toronto and spent a whole day with Sophie! Dot came to our house, she went to physiotherapy with Sophie and she went to the talent show at Sophie’s school. Dot was really gracious. She got up and told the kids what the show meant to her and why her connection to Sophie was so important.
Dot was hilarious and genuine.
She grew up on a farm. She’s as easy peasy as it comes. That sort of mindset has never left her. She was so natural, so comfortable and the biggest heart you have ever met. Truly.
Dot said people come from all forms and walks of life –whether they are healthy or not healthy.
No matter what episode, personally she can always relate to something on the show. She said Glee reminds us that we are all the same and life has basic values that we can’t forget. She said real friends pull together and care for each other and put things aside for each other.
She said there is also a spirit to Glee.
The spirit of doing your best, trying your hardest and putting yourself out there because you just never know when something might go your way. Dot said life is really colorful and you have to embrace every moment. As long as, you don’t forget your friends along the way.

Golden Globes -Golden Moments from some of the Most Unlikely People

At the 69th Annual Golden Globes last night, some of  the best Globe moments for me..and I’m paraphrasing.. came from the most unlikely people- Madonna and Dustin Hoffman!  Whether Madonna’s response to Ricky making fun about still singing, ‘Like a Virgin’ was planned or not- she delivered it with lots of New York attitude,
“If I’m still a virgin, why don’t you come over here and do something about it.
I haven’t kissed a girl in years..on tv.” SNAP
( Madge looked great, by the way. I personally would have covered up the Cobras but she’s had just the right amount of face work to look amazing.)
Another unlikely source for zingers- Dustin Hoffman???

The B's of the Bachelor

Ben -NICE but a bit Boooring
Kacie-  Drew Barrymore as a Brunette
Bunny Boiler Crazy Model
The Crazy Blogger- She’s Breaking up..She’s Breaking Up
   Blakely- Have- You – Ever- Heard- of – a BRA?
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Malcolm Gladwell says, ‘ I can’t put it down. Judy has Crazy Glued the cover’
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