Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 9.44.04 AMHow you can help Toronto’s homeless every Monday night
For the past five years, every Monday night at 630 pm, Alex Smirnis from City Street Outreach and an army of volunteers take clothing, blankets and food to the homeless. They start near City Hall and make their way through the streets. Alex and his gang help close to 100 people in the core and then they help another 300 around Toronto.
If you would like to donate clothing or make a charitable donation, you can reach Alex at 416- 834-7736 or go to their website at
You can also just turn up at City Hall at 630pm on a Monday night and walk with the group, handing out food and clothing.
If you have clothing or blankets to donate and you live in the GTA, call Alex and he will arrange to get it picked up.