From the Stage to the Page

"From the Stage to the Page"

From the Stage to the Page

Life Lessons from Four Funny Ladies

Check out this new book that Judy has co-written with fellow speakers; Judy Suke, Meg Soper and Susan Stewart.

Enjoy this collection of funny stories, life lessons, inspiring quotes and great everyday tips.

Judy’s chapters :

  • To Hell Gigs and Back
  • Rubber Chicken Soup
  • Punchlines on Purpose
  • Relieving Stress with Humour


From Judy’s chapters, you’ll learn:

  • The medical benefits of comedy
  • How to deal with Bullies, Snipers and Buffoons
  • The 7 Ingredients to Living Well that Don’t Include Tofu
  • How to increase your chances of surviving a heart attack by five times
  • How to clean tough stains and vacuum those hard to reach places –NOT!

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