‘We are tired of shoveling !&@ snow!’
(Even the dogs got fed up with it.)

Hi Friends, 
Well it was a rough winter. Hopefully, it is over now.

If I am still wearing a winter coat this time, next newsletter, please put me out of my misery.
I’m tired of dressing up like I’m working at an Arctic research station. Ice Station Zebra.


On a work note, it was wonderful performing for many meaningful groups this month including;


PMI Lakeshore


Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region


Centennial College Support Staff


Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board



Keep doing the great work that you are doing!



Next month, I look forward to many working opportunities but I’m especially proud to  part of ‘ A Night of Laughter’ on April 16th in Brantford for our friend, Gord Paynter.



I was also blessed this month to spend a day swimming in open waters with these beautiful gentle creatures. Amazing what you find in Lake Ontario…haha



From all the articles that come across my desk everyday, I thought this one was a bit alarming- considering I did morning radio for over ten years. Yikes!


This story about a young waiter who took the time to serve dinner to the homeless was particularly uplifting!



As you know by now, I am a huge animal lover. Animals are such a great way to relieve stress for crazy human beings like us.
When I heard about the Shriners in Los Angeles, I was so grateful to see that old dogs CAN learn new tricks.


I continue to share shelter updates on #DOGSTAR in the hopes of finding forever homes for needy dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.
Here were just a couple of my favourite stories this month.

#DOGSTAR MORGAN 8 year old retriever cross with 3 legs ADOPTED from Toronto Humane Society.


#DOGSTAR BOOM. ADOPTED! Winner of the Jack Nicholson look alike contest! (I think so anyway) “Heeeere’s Johnny.” BOOM was adopted from the Toronto Humane Society.

#DOGSTAR Tail Wagging Follow Up STELLA

“February 18th 2013 roughly 11pm, some schmuck lets a dog out of their car and leaves it at the back of a Walmart parking lot to fend for itself. They were ‘kind’ enough to leave a blanket and a sealed package of hotdogs for the dog to get by…( for the rest of the story, click here


‘From the Stage to the Page – Life Lessons From Four Funny Ladies’  is an excellent source for fun and practical stress busting tips for work and at home.
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"From the Stage to the Page"


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Brent Butt (Comedian/Creator/ Executive Producer, Corner Gas, Hiccups)


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