‘The vital function that pets fulfill in this world hasn’t been fully recognized. They keep millions of people sane.’ 
– Eckhart Tolle
Hi Friends,

Big news! I will be hosting an evening with Debra McGrath and Colin Mochrie Monday May 11th at Roy Thomson Hall. This time, next month, I will let you know how you can win a pair  of free tickets! However, if you would like to purchase tickets please go to http://www.UniqueLives.com
Looking forward to it :)





This month I was proud to join the gang on weekends at LTD Radio – The Power of Positive.


You can tune in every Saturday and Sunday from 6am- noon to hear some great tunes as well as some fun, uplifting info. 
Also, if you have a charity or upcoming fundraiser anywhere in the world- let me know. I’ll help you get the word out. LTD Radio is heard in 92 countries. Cool!



Don’t feel shy to visit me on my regular Podcast either.



As I mention in my keynote, ‘Relieving Stress with Humour’,  helping others is an amazing way to relieve stress. I got an amazing opportunity to give back to our furry friends with my charity Dogstarz.ca  by  hosting two ‘pawsome’ events. 

First there was Speaking of Dogs, which raised over $5500.00 for our furry friends throughout Ontario.  The money will go towards desperately needed surgeries and fostering care.


Second, there was 50 Shades of Hope Comedy Benefit for Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge.


This story was particularly touching.  One of my Second City students, Mike Robbyns,  asked me if I would help out. His friend, Maralyn, was diagnosed with stage four cancer. She didn’t ask for money to be raised for herself. Instead, her lifelong desire was to donate to her favourite organization, Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge.  Sure enough, along with my other students, we put on a show (which Maralyn attended!) and we raised over $6000.00. Founder Gail Lenters says that money will go directly towards a new anesthetic machine and lab equipment that will help them diagnose wildlife patients faster and more accurately.
I was so inspired by Maralyn’s courage and I was also very proud of Mike and my comedy grasshoppers.
Kudos to all volunteers and staff out there who make a difference in this world.
By the way, here is a pic of a recent patient from Shades of Hope. Elvis the barn owl.
Elvis was hit by a car and and had his wing and beak broken. Thanks to the fantastic staff at Shades of Hope,  Elvis can say, ” Thank you…thank you very much”.



A major shout-out to my brand new class of stand up students at Second City! If doing stand up comedy has ever been on your bucket list, feel free to purchase my comedy e-workbook below and if you live in the Toronto area, come join me at Second City.