Community Angels is a regular segment about men and women in our community who are making a difference one good deed at a time- big or small. From schools to churches to community centres to single moms and dads. Feel free to send me someone or an organization that you would like to nominate as a Community Angel.
As an anonymous quote says, ” To the world, you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.”
As comedian Steven Wright says, ” It’s a small world but I wouldn’t want to paint it.”
We are all connected.
Today, I dedicate Community Angels to the volunteer dog walkers at The Toronto Humane Society.
Meet Wendy. Wendy was found in an abandoned field outside of Woodstock. It looked like she had about three litters and no one wanted her. Enter ‘ Dianne’. Dianne was one of the many volunteer dog walkers at the Toronto Humane Society. She noticed right away that Wendy was smart, loving and docile. All Wendy needed was a good home. ‘Dianne’ has an older dog at home and she thought now might be a good time, as any to introduce a new dog into the family. ‘ Dianne’s’ older dog could teach Wendy the ropes.
Dianne says the Toronto Humane Society can always use more dog walkers so if you need some exercise and more importantly, you want to help a furry friend stretch their paws, contact the Toronto Humane Society.
I was there the other day and I was really impressed yet saddened by the all beautiful dogs that seemed so content just to get some simple things like a bit of attention and a walk.
Hats off to the volunteer dog walkers and all of the volunteers at the Toronto Humane Society.
May every dog, cat, rabbit, bird, and little critter I forgot to mention,  find a good,caring home.
Here a few other pics of some of Wendy’s buddies still in the ‘clink’.

Spinner-use to be a dolphin in a former life

Theo- can quote Shakespeare

Jerome- loves to play chess