Well, I could be wrong but I feel like the fans and a fatally flawed judging system have made what could have been one of the best seasons ever of American Idol into a flop.

The only thing going for American Idol right now is that ‘The Voice’ did not deliver the huge impact that it promised to. However, if Idol doesn’t fix things next season and Simon Cowell’s ‘X Factor’ is anything that we are expecting it to be…look out.
People will be diving for their remote controls. Yes, we’ll still watch American Idol, but it won’t be our number one choice. ( I know, I need to get a big fat life.)
This season of American Idol has been very disappointing.
Going back in February to the Top 12 guys and the Top 12 women-think about how excited you were to see the talent that was involved? Unfortunately, week by week, American Idol voters pulled the plug and washed another hopeful down the drain. Definitely there were contestants who deserved it but too often, the wrong people were sent home. Of course, this has happened in previous years. God knows what poor Melinda Doolittle is doing. Flipping burgers somewhere, I’m sure, never wanting to hear another Aretha Franklin song.  But this year, it seemed to be the worst. So much so that some critics were speculating that gangs of college students were deliberately trying to throw off the American Idol voting system. Uh, no offense but I think that is giving American college students a little too much credit.
Imagine for a second, though, if the public WASN’T involved. Imagine who the Top 5 could have been and how great a final it would be? Imagine if the top five included Pia Toscano, Casey Abrams, James Durbin, Lauren Alaina and Brett Lowenstern?. Who? Remember the red-haired kid who couldn’t dance but sounded like Mick Hucknall from Simply Red? This was the first indication that something in American Idolland had gone awry.
Actually, the problem with Idol is twofold.  The public has too much power and the judges are too nice.
Imagine what Simon Cowell might have said to Jacob Lusk? I can just hear Simon now with his snarky British accent, “I feel like I’m watching a production of Dreams Girls in a barn in Powdunk Idaho. That was dreadful.”
At times, Simon was too heavy but now, no one wants to be the bad guy.
Simon was mean for the sake of being mean but there is nothing wrong with offering constructive criticism.
Without Simon, we are looking at Randy Jackson to be the heavy!  I love the kinder, gentler American Idol but aside from his Joan Collins shimmery scarves and feathery earpieces, Steve Tyler is adding nothing.
If I’m being brutally honest (as Simon would say) I think the American Idol judges checked out a few weeks ago. That’s the week that voters tried to get rid of Casey. The judges saved him (as they should have) but unfortunately, they couldn’t save Pia, as well. In both cases, you could see the anger on the American Idol judges’ faces. Ryan Seascrest was probably angry to but who can see beyond the botox? I kid because I love.
Okay, that is enough of my ranting. But next year, I think producers of American Idol will go to a judging system similar to So You Think You Can Dance.  The public will be allowed to pick the bottom three but then the judges will make the final decision.
As for tonight, I think Jacob is going home. If only he had used all that power for good.