Okay, so the bottom three last night were Ashton Jones, Haley Reinhart and Karen Rodriguez. Ashton Jones ultimately paid the price for her poor song selection but it was really, in my opinion, Karen Rodriguez who should have gone home.
Based on Wednesday’s performances, I would have put Karen Rodriguez, Ashton Jones and Jacob Lusk in the bottom three. YES, Jacob Lusk.

I would only put him in the bottom three to smack some sense into him. He’s got one of the best voices in Idol history and he crash lands I Believe I can Fly – after busting it out with a Luther tune a few weeks earlier!
So now my top ten list has shifted again- based on Wednesday’s performances.
Lauran Alaina, Ashton Jones and Thia Magia all suffered from good-song-choice-a-phobia.
Why oh why do they continue to sabotage themselves with poor song selection?
By the way, who came up with the back stage interviews after the contestants leave the stage? It’s not the frickin Grammies.
So here are my reviews of Wednesday’s performances
Lauran Alaina- Shania Twain’s Any Man of Mine…..Lauran, any song than that one.
You did a good job but why that song?? You can sing. Why hide behind a terrible song choice. A couple of weeks in a row now that Lauren has exhibited bad song choice and shame on the producers that let her sing that.
Casey Abrams- With a Little Help From My Friends- Casey sang this like it was the finale. Good for him. Huge, monster song and Casey brought it-choir and all. Good for you Casey. Just lose the crazy Yukon Cornelius beard.
Ashton Jones- When You Tell Me That You Love Me. This song did not love Ashton. It was waaaay too big for her. Too bad because she was sporting a very cool Diana Ross retro look.
Paul Macdonald Come Pick Me Up….Terrible, terrible song choice….made me want hear Shania Twain’s Any Man of Mine again.
Pia Toscano – All By Myself- Holy crap..this dark horse is bringing it. The girl can sing. She got called ‘dude’ by Randy which is always a good thang..haha. I love it when Randy calls a girl ‘ dude’ Whereas Steven Tyler can come across a little old man creepyish sometimes, Randy neutralizes any potential sexual tension with a ‘yo dude’.
James Durbin Maybe I’m Amazed. Also, a dark horse who is consistently bringing it every week…..I had him pegged for second place all along and he remains in the running. No complaints on this end.
Haley Reinhart Blue Okay the only person I know that sings the tough notes with no problem and then goes flat on the easy notes. Still a solid performance and they can’t take anything away from her.
Jacob Lusk- I Believe I Can Fly. No you can’t. Keep your feet on the ground Jacob. The judges were kind. I thought this was a TERRIBLE performance. Jacob got too excited or distracted by the choir and fell apart when he tried to change keys. It was awkward and clunky- like shifting from second gear into reverse. Jason is one of the most talented in this competition. He just needs to stop trying so hard.
Thia Magia Smile Who picked this song for Thia??. Terrible song choice. You shouldn’t be crying after singing Smile.
Stephano Langone. Lately This guy still way too many weird faces and I love when the idol contestants take credit for the band sounding so good!.
Karen Rodriguez – I Could Fall in Love. Poor thing. I think she is going home
Scotty McCreery – The River- Good job but Scotty really should have been on Nashville Star. I don’t know what he is doing in this competition. I think the Sarah Palin voters are keeping him in.
Naima Adedapo Umbrella Cudos to Naima for bringing the best on- stage performance of the night! Cudos, as well to producer Tricky for adapting the song for Naima’s strengths.
By the way, people who are nicknaming her The Janitor- NOT cool. No one wants to clean toilets for a living so cut her some slack. She’s an honest kid trying to make a living to support her family in a tough economy I think a lot of people in America could relate to her. So PLEASE, lose the handle.
Based on performances this week- this is where I thought the contestants would end up in the finals- but I guess Karen will hang in there for another week.
1. James Durbin
2. Pia Toscano
3. Casey Abrams
4. Stephano Langone
5. Paul Macdonald
6. Lauren Alaina
7. Haley Reinhart
8. Jacob Lusk
9. Thia Magia
10. Scotty McCreery
11. Naima Adedapo
12. Ashton Jones
13. Karen Rodriguez