Well, the blogs were on fire this week regarding Pia’s departure from American Idol.
The person who appeared to be one of  the clear winners ( Pia Toscana) was voted off
To add insult to injury, some far less talented performers remain.
Pia was heads and shoulders above most of  the competition. It was obvious.
Well now, Nigel Lythgoe, American Idol’s executive producer is trying to do some damage control and quite frankly, it just sounds weak. It smells like a rat.

Lythgoe said that despite popular perception, Toscana was never as close to winning the show as some were lead to believe. Lythgoe adds that he knows the American Idol results from each week and Toscana was never a forerunner. Really?  Why don’t they publicize those numbers then?  Why is it so secretive?
If Pia wasn’t a forerunner then how come there was such a public outcry after the results show? The entertainment blogs were buzzing. People who don’t even watch American Idol were asking what was all the fuss about last week’s show?
Why were the judges upset? Why was the studio audience booing? Why did the other contestants display utter shock?
Lythgoe is obviously trying to cover his butt and cover up the fatal flaw that American Idol has always had- the American voting public. Voting tweens should not be deciding what makes entertaining tv. One of the best seasons ever of a terrific reality show concept has been ruined…again.
Then Lythgoe adds, “The fact of the matter is that it appears that Pia didn’t connect with the audience as much as we maybe think she did,” he continued. “And she wasn’t voted through. That’s the fact of the matter.”
OMG, so not only does Lythgoe not take responsibility for a  fatal American Idol flaw but now he throws Pia under the bus in the process.
Lythgoe says American Idol executives might make some changes in the future to the voting process on the show. Lythgoe obviously reads my blog! This is exactly what I suggested last Friday.  He says American Idol might follow the example of So You Think You Can Dance and let the public decide the bottom three  but then sanity will resume when the judges decide who goes home from that group of three.  Thank you. Does anybody else have a reality show that I need to fix? 🙂