Idol this week was amazing…My prediction 15 year old Lauren Alaina from Ga. is going to win. They need another female winner and who better than a younger Carrie Underwood?
15 year old Thia Magia Top 5. Best name ever ( pronounced Theea Mageea)
Also in the top five, bullied red haired kid with the weird voice.
19 year old Casey Abrams with the stand up bass should win but won’t get the vote..he looks 50
STEALTH idol performer 2011 that producers didn’t let you see until recently- Jason Lusk. Wow. Lou Rawls or what?
Chris Medina, by far..saddest Idol background story EVER.sniff sniff  He was about to marry his finance. She was in a terrible car accident. She has brain damage and she’s in a wheelchair. He takes care of her.
Another great moment- stage moms watching their kids. That was an awesome scene and those kids were terrific!
On a much more panicky note, why doesn’t Rogers On Demand have this week’s Survivor? I didn’t tape it..ahhhhh