So I finally calmed down just enough to watch American Idol..and OMG I can’t believe it, I’m just looking at a statistic that claims that Scotty is in #1 spot with the voters. What??? How did this happen?
Scotty got 23% of the votes last week followed by..

James Durbin (21%) then Casey (13%) . I guess there’s a lot more Sarah Palin voters out there than we thought. Bizzare.
I was mad at American Idol for being so stupid and so vulnerable to the voting public
(Yes, I speak as if American Idol is a person).
Since American Idol hasn’t aken my advice and allowed the public to ONLY vote for the bottom three and then let the judges do the heavy lifting after that, I’ve been forced to reach the following conclusion. Yes American Idol is unfair sometimes ( ie when Pia got voted off) but American Idol on a bad night is still better than a lot of reality shows on a good night. A lot of reality shows ( DWTS, Survivor, Amazing, etc) just can’t consistently match the drama that American Idol cranks out every week.
So it took until Sunday but I finally watched American Idol from last week….and to my joyous discovery, America voted off Paul Macdonald. He’s a nice guy but it was time for him to go. Haley is the only other person that has overstayed her welcome.
The show started off with Ryan Seacrest announcing that People Magazine had picked their Most Beautiful Woman this year and shockingly, it wasn’t Steven Tyler. What was that man wearing? Something from the Joan Collins Dynasty collection, yet again. Who is dressing that man? Is it that dream killer wardrobe crusher Gwen Stefani again?
Ha Ha.
Paul Macdonald – Old Time Rock and Roll
Yikes. The man can’t dance. And what is with the bad suit all the time?
Lauren Alaina- The Climb
The Climb is the type of song that someone sings who can’t sing. I would like to see Lauren push herself a little. Where is the vocal instructor from hell now and how come she’s not cracking the whip with this girl?
Stephano Langone – End of the Road
Somebody, please hurry. Just get it over with and sign this guy to a boy band. That is clearly where Stephano belongs. He’s young, cute, he can sing. I don’t think he should win American Idol this year but he is marketable.
Scotty McCreery- Cross My Heart.
I love this song. George Strait is incredible and Scotty was smart to sing it just like George Strait, for most of the song. Then suddenly, Scotty had an aneurism or something and broke into an incredibly sour note near the end. Luckily, the aneurism was contagious because the judges didn’t notice.
Casey Abrams – Nature Boy
Casey did an incredible, original version of this song but does he really have to clear his throat while he’s singing? I don’t get all that grunting and growling but I applaud this true American Idol original.
Haley Reinhert – Call Me
Ick. That dress was pretty cool though I’m sure I would look like a frickin Shaguar if I wore it but Haley really needs to go home now.
Jacob Lusk – Bridge Over Troubled Water
Wow. Jacob has the ability to move you when he sings. When he’s subdued and mellow, he is amazing to listen to but I’m always on the edge of the couch going, “Don’t go crazy. Don’t go crazy.” A couple of times Jacob broke out and he hit a bad note or TWO. But apparently, the judges’ ears are painted on because no one said anything.
James Durbin – Heavy Metal
That was friggin amazing. That was James at his best. I don’t think it’s completely fair during a singing competition to have a pro standing on stage breaking out into a heavy metal guitar solo but James was still amazing.