As it turned out this week, Jacob Lusk was sent home. Jacob was in the bottom two with Lauren Alaina. Not shocking, really. Someone has to go home. What’s sadly shocking about American Idol this season is that (as Seacrest pointed out) Scotty has never been in the bottom. Could Scotty McCreery be the next American Idol? Could Scotty aka Sarah Palin be one heartbeat away from the American Idol crown?
Why is American Idol suddenly sounding like the Grand Ole Opry?  I’m still holding out for James Durbin though. He was not my first pick for the title ( see my early choices below-what was I thinking?) but very quickly, into the competition, he proved me wrong and I’m glad about that.
What was a drag about this week’s  results show is that we had to sit through an hour of the American Idol judges shilling their products. It’s as if American Idol is going down the tubes and the judges are trying to scramble for every last penny. J.Lo performed her latest song, ‘On the Floor’ (does that woman ever dance without a giant fan?) and Steven Tyler hawked his new book (No, it’s not called, ‘Forty ways to Tie a Scarf’) I’m surprised Randy Jackson wasn’t wearing a headset and flipping steaks over The Randy Jackson Grill.
Of course, it’s all about promotion. Sadly, it’s killing it for American Idol fans (who are so out it, that they are killing themselves). But perhaps, one person who has made out the best is J.Lo. She obviously gets to promote her music on the show but also,  rumor has it that J.Lo, her hubby Mark Anthony and American Idol wizard Simon Fuller are working on a reality based Latino show called  Que Viva ( roughly means ‘ Living’ huh?). Que Viva will be a hunt for musical talent in Latin America. According to Entertainment Weekly J.Lo and Marc will personally be involved in looking for and meeting that talent.  For those J.Lo fans worried that she might not return to American Idol, worry no more. J.Lo and Mark Anthony have agreed to put the twins up for adoption so they can dedicate their ALL their time to global entertainment takeover. JUST kidding but seriously, where do they find the time? Although, it’s not confirmed whether J.Lo is going to be an American Idol judge again or not, it would only make good business sense to cross promote.
By the way, if you want a giant laugh, check out my Top Ten Picks from Mar 4th and Mar 11th. Hahaha What was I on?
March 4th My Top Ten American Idol Picks
1. Thia Magia ( I think this week is going to shock here into sticking to her unique style)
2. James Durbin
3. Lauren Alaina ( don’t pick another bad song to showcase your talents- I originally had you pegged to win!)
4. Casey Abrams ( cut your hair and lose the beard that makes you look 50)
5. Jacob Lusk ( please oh please sing Luther’s Here and Now!!)
6. Ashton Jones
7. Naimi Adedap ( this competition would be a joke if you weren’t in it. Please do a duet with Jacob Lusk!!)
8. Pia Toscano ( I’m worried you only have that one good song but prove me wrong!)
9. Paul Macdonald ( as long as you never EVER say again, ‘What’s up TV land?’ aBTW, don’t dance because you can’t move and please oh please do a duet with Lauren Alaina – oh I don’t know, maybe Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now.)
10.Scotty McCreery
March 11th -My Top Ten American Idol picks
( otherwise known as the day I clearly stopped doing crack)
1.James Durbin
2. Pia Toscano
3. Casey Abrams
4. Stephano Langone
5. Paul Macdonald
6. Lauren Alaina
7. Haley Reinhart
8. Jacob Lusk
9. Thia Magia
10. Scotty McCreery
Aside from the fact that it’s a good thing that I don’t bet on the horses, notice where I have Scotty McCreery. Number ten both weeks. I have nothing against the guy. I just didn’t think he deserved to be any higher than that position. Speaking of high, no really, what was I on?  Even back then, he couldn’t sing anything other than country and I thought he would be better suited for something like Nashville Star instead of American Idol. Isn’t it ironic that Pia was penalized for only singing ballads yet Scotty has been allowed to stick to his country genre week after week?
Next week looks well suited for Scotty too. The theme is going to be 1950’s Post WWII songs.  Even though my track record is a bit shaky at this point, I’m not afraid to put it out there. I’m going to predict Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes or Hank Williams’ Your Cheatin Heart.