It was a great night on American Idol last night. Except for a few wobbly moments, the evening was a terrific success. There was no one who should OBVIOUSLY be sent home.
Btw, was Steven Tyler wearing J.Lo’s leopard print blouse from last week’s American Idol? Haha..
Tyler’s wardrobe continues to astound me. Last week, he looked like he was wearing something from Joan Collin’s Dynasty collection…

His comments were a little bizarre at times too- like he was caught off guard every now and then. He’s a loveable nut.
Okay….last night’s American Idol performances….
Casey Abrams I heard it through the Grapevine. Casey did a great job. He showed a bit of restraint. Perhaps, the ghost of Kurt Cobain knocked some sense into him after last week’s American Idol screech- fest.
Casey’s hair looked nicely brushed too. Now, let’s go for the full make-over – teeth whitening  and lose the Yukon Cornelius beard and we’ve got another American Idol star in the making.  Casey is confident without being overly cocky. He’s one of the few American Idols who knows exactly who he is. He’s always had that from the beginning. If you don’t have that in the beginning, you’re not going to find it in the end.
Thia Magi Heatwave Unfortunately, this American Idol performance came across as slightly breezy. It was aiiiight but I felt like I was watching a karaoke performance at someone’s wedding. Thia has lost that Adelle quality to her voice that we loved so much in the beginning of American Idol.   Thia’s performance, in my mind, puts her in the bottom three this week.
Jacob Lusk You’re all I need to get by FINALLY! What we have all been shouting at our tv screens for the past 5 weeks   (“Jacob, stop trying so hard! You got the gig. Don’t be so desperate.”) The effect was incredible. Lusk’s restraint was rewarded by a good old Steven Tyler American Idol hug and that’s why we love Tyler. He’s so spontaneous. Lusk has the talent is truckloads. His performance of a pretty difficult song was beautiful. As J. Lo said, “You had us begging for it” ( or something like that, I don’t remember.  I was on my second glass of wine.)  I don’t think Jacob Lusk is going to win American Idol  but I do think he’s a potentially a huge Adult Contemporary/ R and B cross-over star. He just needs the right people around him..and no not, Bono wanna be Iovine.
Lauren Alaina You Keep Me Hanging On. Lauren did an alright performance of this song but I kept expecting this American Idol challenger to bust it out somewhere and she didn’t. The song wasn’t big enough for her. Again, we’re back to poor American Idol song choice. Lauren doesn’t deserve to go home but perhaps, she’s like Thia, she doesn’t completely know who she is and  American Idol doesn’t give you that time to find out, unfortunately. She could be this year’s American Idol Kelly Clarkson but she’s got to step out of the safe zone.
Stephano Langone Hello Okay, I like this solid American Idol Challenger,  but he’s GOT to lose the cheesy faces…and  OMG, did he really whisper ‘I love you to’ the camera??? Whose instruction was that?  Is Julio Iglesiass speaking into Stephano’s earpiece again? Is it just me or does Stephano have a Ricky Ricardo/ Scott Baio/ Il Divo  vibe going? Don’t get me wrong. The kid can sing. He just needs some time to mature.
Speaking of maturity, he really should stop admitting that he’s never heard of these songs before! A) It makes us at home watching American Idol feel old and B) It makes us look for the mistakes when you’re performing. At one, in the song,  I was convinced the American Idol hopeful was completely lost.
Btw, Bad American Idol moment.  SHAME on Gordon Ramsey for trashing Stephano’s mom’s cooking on national tv.  Did Ramsey not realize he was trashing every mom across America watching American Idol at that point? Boo.
Haley Reinhart You Really Got a Hold on Me Hmmm, I didn’t think Haley had a hold on this American Idol performance. She seemed to forget the lyrics a couple of times and her lackluster showing might put her in the top three tonight.
Scotty McCreery  For Once in My Life Oh, good lord, American Idol.  It’s not working anymore. This American Idol performance barely made the grade. C’mon. What we all feared about McCreery from the very beginning ( and you know, you’ve been thinking it)  is coming true now- he doesn’t have the range to pull this competition off. This is in spite of the efforts of the legions of American Idol producers- galore.  All the maneuvering in the world to country-fy..puhlease..Stevie Wonder of all things…  by pumping it through the Randy Travis/ Glen Campbell/ Johnny Cash  twang twang ah shucks American Idol not going to help. Coupled with McCreery’s chicken like neck movements  and it’s kind of funny. Scotty is going to have a great Nashville career. Cut him loose and give him that opportunity.
Pia Toscana All is Love is Fair…Pia is in it to win this. All the other American Idol contestants  wear track pants during  rehearsal whereas Pia shows up in rehearsals like she’s going to the friggin Oscars! She’s flawless. Yes, the judges want her to sing something other than a ballad so I’ve got the PERFECT song. Pia, if you’re reading this, and I know you are… I drove all night by Celine Dion. Hurry- American Idol fans will be pacified.
Paul Macdonald – Tracks of My Tears Thank goodness Paul had a guitar. It stopped the crazy legs from going again –except maybe around the end of the song. Like Jacob Lusk, Paul must have finally listened to American Idol followers screaming through their tv sets- Paul, stop dancing!! What we got instead, last night,  was a nice, easy subtle performance .Terrific. I think this American Idol contestant could have a wonderful career in Nashville, as well.
Naima Adedapo  Dancing in the Streets Okay I was waiting for Naima to blow her American Idol moment but she didn’t. In fact, Naima used all of her talents ( singing,  dancing and commanding stage presence)  to rock her American Idol performance. She didn’t hit any sour notes and she looked like she was having fun. Well done, Naima.
James Durbin- Living For The City Wrapping up American Idol last night was Durbin’s electrifying performance of this classic. It wasn’t perfect and he certainly didn’t need a scream at the end but it was still great.
Bottom American Idol Three tonight…..Haley ( deserved) Thia ( deserved) and Naima     ( default- punishment for previous weeks)
Who’s going home on American Idol tonight ?  I’m guessing  Haley.