American Idol should be great tonight. David Cook and Katy Perry will be performing.
The week’s theme 21ST Century songs was a bit bizarre, to say the least.
Scotty- Swingin
I was diving for the PVR FFFWD. And really, is the microphone that heavy, Scotty, that you can’t hold it properly?
Haley- Rolling the Deep

James Durbin- Uprising
James’ performance had me riveted. Amazing! Should be the next American Idol but who knows????
Jacob Lusk – Dance with My Father
Jacob ripped his earpiece out quite early into the song. He said he was getting the wrong track in his earpiece but you know what? He did a great job. The distraction was perfect for Jacob. He actually started sounding off key AFTER that when he started his crazy improvising.
Casey Abrams- Harder to Breathe
Good performance. Kissing J.Lo looked a bit odd. Someone should tell Casey he’s not Julio Iglesias.
Stephano Langone – Closer

Another boy band performance with hilarious cheesy faces but Stephano has solidified his boy band career. I mean that in a good way.
Lauren Alaina- Born to Fly

Lauren is one of those rare performers who was able to discover who she was during the competition. Typically, if you don’t know who you are going into the competition, the tips and criticisms overwhelm you and you just get lost ( ie. Thia Magia) but Lauren luckily latched onto what she should be doing- country. She does it well and its’ a great market for her. Why she picked Born to Fly to sing, I don’t know. Her voice has so much range. Why not use it? Oh well. She could stand on her head.
According the following National Post article, women are not going to win this show anyway. It’s pretty sad.