No one on American Idol suffered from good –song- choice- a -phobia last night and the contestants can thank Elton John and Bernie Taupin for that. Yes, it took this Mega wattage song writing duo to save American Idol contestants from bad song selection. You couldn’t screw this up even if you tried.

HOWEVER, there were some mediocre songs (Benny and the Jets and Country Comfort??? Was Elton high on moonshine when he wrote that? Scotty was lucky that Elton had a moment of weakness.
By the way, Elton songs are not easy to sing.  Contestants from previous American idol seasons have gone down in flames trying but this season is so filled with amazing young talent that these American Idol hopefuls  blew the songs away without hardly breaking into a sweat.
So here we go In order of performances.
Scotty McCreery, Country Comfort
Like I said Scotty was lucky that Elton was going through a dark phase or new drug of choice phase in his life.  Said it before I’ll say it again- Scotty is great but he should be on Nashville Star. Another great Randy Travis like performance.
Naima Adedapo, I’m Still Standing
Okay if the judges are going to criticize Naima for adapting this song to her style, why didn’t they crucify Scotty for doing the same thing with a Steve Wonder song awhile back? Naima wasn’t’ great but let’s be fair.
Honestly, I didn’t think it was THAT bad. It wasn’t GREAT but it wasn’t as horrific as the judges made it out to be.
Paul Macdonald  Rocket Man
Ick. From the ah shucks’ audience chit chat to doing that weird thing with his voice too way much- Paul sounded like he got lost in the song.
Hilarious line from Steven Tyler.though. haha…Have you been watering that jacket because it seems like there are more flowers on it?
Pia Toscano, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.
Love Pia. She tells the judges every week that she is going to pick it up the next week with a faster song selection and then she does exactly what she wants to do. She sings another ballad. Haha.
This lady is a diva in the making. I mean that in a good way. I mean that in a Celine way..not a crazy for coco puffs Whitney way. Pia   knows who she is. She wants to be a star She has been preparing for this moment ALL her life and she is not going to let a  little show like American Idol get in her way. She loooves to sing and she embraces every moment.
Stefano Lagone  Tiny Dancer
This little punk has grown on me. He’s a loveable cheese ball.  More importantly, though,  let’s remember why he’s on American Idol  He can sing!
Lauren Alaina Candle in the Wind
As the judges said, this is why we loved Lauren in the first place. That voice. She reminded me of Natalie from the Dixie Chicks. Terrific. Lauren’s biggest fault in the past was her horrific song choice but thank god, Elton wrote soooo many classics. Even Lauren couldn’t screw it up.  She was awesome. She could have a stellar country career ahead of her. She could be the next Carrie Underwood if she has the right team around her.
James Durbin, Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting.
I didn’t looove this American Idol performance but James was certainly entertaining.
Thia Megia, Daniel.
Good, safe  but that’s about it.
I think this competition is too big for Thia now. I get a kick out of the fact though that her parents named her Thia Magia and they name her brother Clea Magia. What a wacky family.
Casey Abrams  Your Song.
Why is Casey so reluctant to clean up and shave off the Yukon Cornelius beard? The show is blatantly telling him now to clean up his image if he wants to win American Idol. Great singer. Super nice guy. But if Casey doesn’t win this competition, it will be his own doing. You don’t have to go over the top and dress like the Oscars for rehearsals
( ie Pia) but you don’t have to look like you slept in your clothes either.
Jacob Lusk Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.
Way oooover the top and crazy, crazy faces. I was a big fan of Jacob’s in the beginning but he too, is not listening to criticism and I blame the judges as well. Are they seeing the same performances we are? Jacob, take it down a thousand.
Haley Reinhart, Bennie and The Jets.
Ick. Why this song? Haley did an okay job but I felt like I was in a piano bar. Randy called it the performance of the evening. What? Dawg? C’mon? You’re kidding me?
Bottom Three Tonight: Naima, Thia and  maybe Paul Macdonald. I think they’ll send Naima home.