Okay, as American Idol gets down to the wire, week after week, is it just me or is Steven Tyler morphing into J.Lo? The scarves…the plastic surgery….he’s starting to look like one of the Real Housewives of Orange County and not the American Idol judge that we adore
Love the guy but he’s CRAZY.
But I digress.
James Durbin – Don’t Stop Believin’
This is a pretty big song to live up to. Not to mention that it has been played on Glee, Sopranos, Journey’s comeback. And I love James. Don’t get me wrong. If he wins American Idol, he deserves to. Not to mention, as my friend Lisa B pointed out, he will be an incredible spokesperson for Tourettes and Aspergers.
But if I’m being brutally honest, James should spend a little more time on singing ( he was flat in a number of spots) and less time running around the American Idol stage high fiving the audience.
James is no Steve Perry. In fact, in my humble opinion, he is not as talented as Adam Lambert. So he needs to focus. Less high fives, more vocal control J
Haley Reinhart- The Earth Song
Okay, imagine Simon saying this. ‘ What a peculiar choice of song. It sounds like something you would sing to porpoises.’ Yes, that is EXACTLY what Simon would say. I’m channeling him now.
It was an odd American Idol song choice for sure ( RIP Michael Jackson)  but brave. I thought Haley did a good job. But if you are going to go out on a bit of a performance limb, may I suggest  (because she has the pipes to pull this off ) I’m Calling You from Baghdad Café.  Haley, if you’re reading this and you are around next week…sister, you’re in it to win it so sing I’m Calling You.
Scotty McCreery – Where were you when the world stopped turning

As my fellow American Idol aficionado  friend Ron McK said-Smart. In light of everything happening last week with Bin Laden and the memorial in NYC, this song certainly struck a chord for many.  I thought Scotty did a terrific job but he’s looking a little too long into that camera. This guy LOVES himself but hey, he’s the only person not to be in the bottom two or bottom three, so bragging rights should be allowed.
Lauren Alaina- Anyway
Lauren has found her country stride and she’s bringing it to American Idol each and every week. She had a solid performance but do the math. The same amount of American Idol male fans are not going to pick up the phone and vote for Lauren that the same amount of American Idol female who are going to pick up the phone and vote for Scotty. Hence, the San Andreas fault line in the voting system. Don’t get me started. But well done Lauren. I felt like I was watching a performance at the Country Music Awards and that’s a GOOD thing.
Round two. Okay. Brace yourselves for Lady Gaga
First off, does Lady Gaga every just sit around the house in track pants? I doubt it.
Secondly, her eyeliner on her cheekbones reminded me of what my eyeliner looks like at three in the morning. Haha..
Haley- I (Who have nothing)..Uh, I, who needs an English teacher

Again, an interesting song choice for American Idol. Quick aside, btw. Some people accuse Moody Blues for ‘borrowing’ some of this song for Nights in White Satin. Hmmm
A strange song but Haley pulled off a gutsy performance. Bravo. The girl really can sing. Gaga gave her some notes ( ‘here, wear this fishbowl on your head’) and she took  them ( sans fishbowl). Well done, girl.
Scotty- Young Blood
Did you notice how closely Scotty was holding his cross when Gaga was talking to him? Haha I thought it was going to be extremely awkward American Idol moment but Scotty and Gaga figured it out.
( People magazine tells me that they’re dating- NOT)  The only thing is that I HATED that song. What was that? I thought I was watching a performance at an Amway convention. I was dive bombing for the remote control. FFFFWD. Ick.
Anybody else would have been voted off for such a terrible song choice.
Lauren- Trouble
Take it to church sister. That was INCREDIBLE. NOT an easy song to sing. In fact, that song in amateur hands on a karaoke night could cause spontaneous combustion.Wow.
James Durbin – Love Potion #9
Much better but I notice he didn’t take Gaga’s notes about moving his hips!
Who is going home tonight on The American Idol results show?

The final two should be Lauren and James but I think it will boil down to James and Scotty. Lauren is probably going home tonight L