Jacob Lusk – Man in The Mirror
I thought Jacob sealed his fate in the bottom three when he said, “ If I’m in the bottom three, it’s not because I didn’t do a good job, it’s because people didn’t want to face themselves in the mirror.”
Ummh okay, Sigmund Freud…

What was the theme again? I don’t recall Man in the Mirror being a rock song! Cudos to Steven Tyler for giving a shout out to one of the writers who wrote that song ( she was also one of the back up singers last night)
Lusk did an okay job but again, the judges were all gaga over it and it WASN’T perfect.
In fact, it was flat, in a number of places.
Haley Reinhart-  Peace of My Heart
Yes, Haley can sing raunchy like Janis Joplin but she can’t sing soulful like Janis Joplin. It was an okay performance. A little pushed but aiight.
Casey Abrams- Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Casey won’t win American Idol. That’s not because he’s not a great singer. He’s more like a Jazz Idol. I see him performing in front of an older audience. Young voters aren’t going to go for it ( as they’ve previously voted) but he still deserves major cudos for being one of the most original performers to grace the American Idol stage – even though he refuses to lose his Yukon Cornelius beard.
Lauren Alaina- You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman
I liked Alaina’s performance. I didn’t love it. It was safe. I was hoping she would break out a little more. It’s frustrating to see someone with so much power not capitalize on it.
What the heck was she wearing? Checkered skorts..what???  The American Idol wardrobe department needs to give their heads a shake.
James Durbin- While My Guitar Gently Weeps
James had a great performance. At times, his voice reminded me of Robert Palmer during  Stairway to Heaven. I don’t know why James said he sang his ‘version’ of this song though (that  that he had been working on for five years). It’s sounded exactly like the original but it was good, for sure.
Scott McCreery  That’s All Right
Scotty’s performance was okay but I don’t know why the judges are so gushy over this massive cheese ball. The girls running onto the stage and Ryan feigning surprise was a bizarre touch, to say the least.
Pia Toscano -River Deep, Mountain High
Wouldn’t it be funny if Pia sang an up tempo song one week and got voted off?  JUST kidding. Of course, Pia did an amazing job. She sang a peppy song that her idol, Celine had performed. Smart.  However, I was almost too distracted by Pia’s Pebble’s outfit to listen to her singing. It was awful. It looked a like Flinstone’s version of  Depends.
Pia has the body to pull off anything so why dress her like she’s trying to smuggle an art collection out of the American Idol studio?
Stephano Langone – When a Man Loves a Woman

Oh Oh, Stephano is back to making his cheesy Ricky Ricardo/ Scott Baio faces. Plus, it felt like he was yelling the songs at times. Or it was flat. Stephano might be going home tonight, as a result.
Paul Macdonald  Fulsom Prison Blues
Okay, please tell me Paul didn’t open with, “What’s Up Yo?” Eeek.
Stop talking to the audience!! It’s sounds hokey . And Paul, in his crazy legged enthusiasm nearly chased one of the other guitar players off of the stage.
Bottom Three Haley Reinhart, Paul Macdonald, Stephano Langone
Going home: Stephano Langone