Wow, America got it wrong this week. They axed a HUGE loss.

Of the 24 hopefuls, ten people were picked and 14 were cut. Of those 14 cut, 6 were asked to perform again and three were picked from that group.
This left 13 people to go onto the next round.
Wow, is really all that I can say.
First of all, here were the results over the three nights.
American Idol 2011 Top 24 Elimination Results:
• Scotty McCreery is in the Top 10 ( are you kidding me???)
• Jacob Lusk is in the Top 10
• Casey Abrams is in the Top 10
• Paul McDonald is in the Top 10
• James Durbin is in the Top 10
• Pia Toscano is in the Top 10
• Lauren Alaina is in the Top 10
• Karen Rodriguez is in the Top 10 (
• Thia Megia is in the Top 10
• Haley Reinhart is in the Top 10
• Robbie Rosen is in the Bottom 14
• Clint Jun Gamboa is in the Bottom 14
• Jordan Dorsey is in the Bottom 14
• Jovany Barreto is in the Bottom 14
• Brett Loewenstern is in the Bottom 14
• Tim Halperin is in the Bottom 14
• Stefano Langone is in the Bottom 14
• Ta-Tynisa Wilson is in the Bottom 14
• Julie Zorilla is in the Bottom 14
• Ashthon Jones is in the Bottom 14
• Kendra Chantelle is in the Bottom 14
• Naima Adedapo is in the Bottom 14
• Lauren Turner is in the Bottom 14
• Rachel Zevita is in the Bottom 14
From the Bottom 14, the judges pick 3 guys and 3 girls to be part of the sing-off.
American Idol 2011 Wild Card Hopefuls:
• Ashthon Jones
• Stefano Langone
• Kendra Chantelle
• Jovany Barreto
• Naima Adedapo
• Robbie Rosen
From that group of 6, the judges picked 3 to take the Wild Card spots.
American Idol 2011 Wild Card Judges Picks:
• Ashthon Jones
• Stefano Langone
• Naima Adedapo
Combining the earlier Top 10 with the Wild Card 3 gives us our Top 13:
Official American Idol 2011 Top 13 Contestants:
• Scotty McCreery
• Jacob Lusk
• Casey Abrams
• Paul McDonald
• James Durbin
• Pia Toscano
• Lauren Alaina
• Karen Rodriguez
• Thia Megia
• Haley Reinhart
• Ashthon Jones
• Stefano Langone
• Naima Adedapo
The other 11 Idol hopefuls were eliminated from the competition.
Officially Eliminated:
• Ta-Tynisa Wilson
• Lauren Turner
• Rachel Zevita
• Julie Zorilla
• Brett Loewenstern
• Jordan Dorsey
• Tim Halperin
• Clint Jun Gamboa
• Robbie Rosen
• Kendra Chantelle
• Jovany Barreto
Okay, where is my medication?
Why is Scotty McCheesy in the Top 13much less the Top 10???
Yes, he sounds like Randy Travis but he’s completely cheesy when he sings ( nice guy, don’t get me wrong) and what the heck is he going to do during the jazz and disco weeks?
Why is Karen Rodriguez in the Top 13- much less the top 10???
When she sang Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’, I felt like I was watching a telethon.
Of the top three I would have picked Ashton, Naimi, and Kendra
Why is Stefano Langone in there? It would have been a shame to lose Naimi. Thank god, the judges saved her.
Biggest and I mean biggest loss of this competition is Brett Lowenstern.
When he sang The Doors’ Light My Fire, his Simply Red- like vocals could not be faulted. What could have been faulted was the hair tossing and the bad dancing.
Based on the perfomances this week ( Ashton and Lauren Alaina are perfect examples of when bad songs happen to good people- sing a song that is right for you- especially, during a week when you can sing anything!!)
Here is my top ten list
1. Thia Magia ( I think this week is going to shock here into sticking to her unique style)
2. James Durbin
3. Lauren Alaina ( don’t pick another bad song to showcase your talents- I originally had you pegged to win!)
4. Casey Abrams ( cut your hair and lose the beard that makes you look 50)
5. Jacob Lusk ( please oh please sing Luther’s Here and Now!!)
6. Ashton Jones
7. Naimi Adedap ( this competition would be a joke if you weren’t in it. Please do a duet with Jacob Lusk!!)
8. Pia Toscano ( I’m worried you only have that one good song but prove me wrong!)
9. Paul Macdonald ( as long as you never EVER say again, ‘What’s up TV land?’ aBTW, don’t dance because you can’t move and please oh please do a duet with Lauren Alaina – oh I don’t know, maybe Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now.)