Hi Everyone,
It’s a new year. Woohoo! You know what that means. Resolutions. Yay! I’ve also included a few of my favourite happenings from 2012 and a glimpse into what I would love to see become a reality in 2013.
Judy Croon’s 7 Resolutions for 2013.

  1. Continue not watching Two and a Half Men.
  2. Stop eating pork. Pigs are smarter than dogs yet they have terrible lives.
    ( I’m tired of driving by them on the highway and feeling guilty when they say to me, “Hey, you, in the Honda Accord. We’re smarter than your dog, Barnie, so stop eating us.”)

3.Tell my brain to shut up and meditate every day.
4.Continue walking every day.
5.Figure out the String Theory. After that, figure out my MacBook Pro.
6.Continue raising money and awareness for worthwhile causes.
7. Continue passing on good cheer, wisdom and my phone number through standup, workshops and keynotes.
Two of my favorite movies from 2012 both involved India:
 Life of Pi and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
My new favorite website is http://www.brainpickings.org.
My favorite new App is Sky Map. Yep, I’m a nerd!
 MY favorite news story that wasn’t a downer  was “The Ikea Monkey.
I love monkeys. Darwin could figure out how to get out of his cage and get out of the car, but he still couldn’t figure out how to assemble a LUKA bookshelf. Hey, yo…
My political hopes for 2013:

  • Peace in Syria,
  • REAL development of alternate energy sources that get us off the Hooch. We’re killing our planet.
  • America solves its fiscal cliff. It sounds like a Beverly Hills medical procedure.
  • The American government really does put its foot down on guns. Hey, NRA, it’s peace on Earth, not a piece on earth. If a teacher was brave enough to stand up to a gunman, may politicians be brave enough to stand up to the NRA.

Ooh, I almost forgot! I have one more 2012 shout-out: Congratulations to  Toronto author and friend, Sharon Babineau, who turned tragedy into hope  with the release of her new book, The Girl Who Gave Her Wish Away.
Check it out at http://www.amazon.ca/The-Girl-Gave-Wish-Away/dp/1936332965.
Now let’s have a toast. *Go ahead and grab your favourite indulgence of choice as I grab my glass of sparkling fruit punch ;)* Here’s to 2013. Bad number, but better year. See you next month with more sunshine and lollipops.