Have you ever wondered whatever happened to ‘The One’ that got away? Do you think about that special someone who was the right person at the wrong time? Do you wonder what might happen if you were to meet again?
Is this the latest, greatest reality show on tv that you are missing????

No. Better yet, it’s something that YOU can be part of. By now, you’ve probably guessed that I’m totally a fan of reality tv. Don’t ask why. I have no idea.
For the past year, my friend Bruce Robb and I have been developing My Soulmate.
My Soul Mate is going to be a weekly thirty-minute series that takes a look at couples who were destined to be together, despite the odds. Couples who were together at one time, but split because of circumstances such as family, religion, age, addictions, career, war, etc. Years later, one of them is looking to reconnect. My Soulmate follows that journey to see if ‘love will find a way.’
With My Soulmate still in development, we want to hear from people who are still wondering “What ever happened to The One that got away?” Would you be interested in taking your quest on TV? Would you like us to help you break the ice with your old flame? Even if you’re too shy, tell us your incredible My Soulmate story anyway.
Recently, a Toronto friend told us about a trip he took to Chicago many years ago.
Years ago, I had to go to Chicago for work. My best friend’s girlfriend happened to live there. He suggested that I contact her if I had any questions about the city.
I had wanted to meet her anyway. He had talked about her so much. I called her when I arrived and we agreed to have dinner.
When we met, the chemistry was instant and we both knew that we were in trouble. We fell into a mad four day steamy romance. I still remember sipping tea in the kitchen of her loft when she crawled out of bed and came around the corner dressed in a Japanese kimono. She dropped the kimono and our brief tryst of passionate sex, crazy laughs and deep affection…possibly love..continued.
Suddenly, overcome by guilt, I stopped and came home- never to contact her again.
I hear that she is divorced now ( not from my friend.)
I always wonder, if I didn’t end things abruptly, where we might have ended up…
We are also looking for My Soulmate stories from couples who feel like they are with their true love. Tell us, what were the odds the two of you overcame to be with each other. We already have a number of these fascinating My Soulmate tales on our F—book page. For some reason, I’m not allowed to mention the link on my blog! But it rhymes with Basebook.
Please feel free to check it out. My Soulmate – Reality TV.
You can either post it directly on the page, or better yet, post a video. Bear in mind, the ‘post’ window only accepts 400 words. It is best to use the post window as a ‘headline’ to the story, and then click the ‘comment’ box below it, to either write or paste your story. If you want to remain anonymous (on the page) or you’re not on F—book but you want to share your story,  send me an email at this website ( Just follow my shifty eyes in the picture above to the right where it says ‘contact’)

Collecting My Soulmate stories and finding people interested in being on the show is all part of generating interest to help My Soulmate get green lit. By all means, feel free to pass this email to friends and family who might be interested in sharing their escapades, or simply reading the fascinating stories of others! And if you like what you read, feel free to click the ‘Like’ button.
Then stay tuned!! My Soulmate…..is there Happily Ever After The Second Time Around?