1. JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg? Are you kidding me? These two guys working together? OMG, that’s almost as lethal as the illegal cargo being transported by the US Military in the beginning of Super 8.
2. Super 8 is Jurassic Park meets ET. Enough said.
3. The crash scene in the beginning of Super 8. OMG, just when you thought..ya ya, alien, dinosaur, Spielberg surprise me…one of the best crash scenes ever!!!

4. The cast. These guys ( and one girl) are so believable and likeable. Super 8 harkens back to a time (1979) when kids weren’t all Bart Simpson smart allecs, giving their parents the finger.
5. Elle Fanning. In a predominately male cast, Elle Fanning has a big job to do. Not only keeping up with the testosterone and special effects of Super 8 but of course, being compared to her old sister, Dakota. Elle delivers in aces. Elle has a sadness to her that Dakota doesn’t have and as a result, makes her different from her sibling. Super 8 will be this actresses’ launching pad to bigger and better, I’m sure.
6. A GREAT story. Remember that minor detail called a storyline that most productions tend to forget about even though they may be spending hundreds of millions in production? Super 8’s script is sweet, funny, exciting and just as surprising as ET or Jurassic Park.
7. Special effects. Super 8 gets it right, story then special effects. Super 8 keeps the effects SPECIAL.
8. Super 8 is a movie that the WHOLE family can enjoy. Don’t let that wholesome image scare you. Super 8 has something for everyone (okay, maybe not Kim Jong Il or Moammar Ghadafi. I could be wrong. I just don’t want to make a sweeping statement.)
9. The story within the story. You just know Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams were as driven and geeky as the kids in this movie making a home made Super 8 Zombie flick.  ALERT. STAY UNTIL THE END OF THE CREDITS! Great callback.
10. Can you say bonafide Summer Blockbuster? Super 8 is so nostalgic,  it makes you almost want to see it at the Drive- In. GO SEE SUPER 8 NOW. Steven Speilberg didn’t pay me to say that. Well he did but I wouldn’t take the money. It was not on my list of films to see. WOW, was I wrong.